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An idea by Sean Dudley
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What is Kaleidoscope?

Color exists through sound, and the current world is void of both. You're tasked, as a sprite, to paint the world to the rhythm of your music. Each note will carry a burst of visual difference, exploding over the sterile template that makes up the current world.

Okay... how do I play Kaleidoscope?

Your sprite will be guided around the 'line', and presented with interaction points that appear with the rhythm of the audio track. Each beat will 'paint' the track in the color that it's supposed to be. At the end of the track, you will see the world, visualized through sound and color.

So, it's a 3D running-rhythm game?


Will there be a lot of 'tracks'?

The audio tracks are yours. The game will use what you listen to. The beat and running lines are generated through your songs. So what you play and how it looks differ based on what you listen to.

Awesome! Anything else I should know?

Yeah, it's very cool.